Parent Resources

The HOME is the front line of children’s ministry. It is in the home that kids learn how to put real faith into action. At Life Bible Church, we believe parents have the primary responsibility of teaching, training, and leading their children to know CHRIST. The ministry of Life Bible Kids desires to come alongside parents, helping them to take back their GOD-given responsibility as the spiritual leaders of the home. We believe GOD never intended for the church to be the primary means of leading children to CHRIST. On average, the church only has about 50 hours a year with a child. Parents have far more than that! Our desire is to equip the parent with some practical resources to use as tools in leading their children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Gospel Project for Kids Family App

Why not let kids do something meaningful as they play on your portable device? Gospel Project for Kids App is an easy and fun way to help parents take kids deeper into the Gospel. The app can be purchased quarterly and is a great way to review each week’s lesson, memorizing the key passage and opening up conversations about how the Gospel fits into everyday life. This app is compatible for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad and available through the App Store.

North Star Catechism

“Whether or not we sail across troubled seas, Christians are all pilgrims. For thousands of years, travelers have been guided on their journey by focusing on a fixed point in the night sky: the North Star. While other stars appear to shift with the passing of time, the North Star remains anchored in the same position. This celestial gift allowed people to know where they were and where they needed to go. Our prayer is that the North Star Catechism will provide this same kind of clarity.”

-Sojourn Kids

Download for free here: North Star Catechism

 The Jesus Storybook Bible

the-jesus-storybook-bibleThe Jesus Storybook Bible tells of one story underneath all stories of the Bible and points to the birth of a child, the Rescuer, Jesus. We highly recommend this family friendly Bible, as it is most appropriate even for the youngest of children. It is so important to see how Jesus fits into the whole picture of God’s great love story! The Jesus Storybook Bible is available in many different formats. For more information check out Jesus Storybook Bible.

 The Little Engine That Could Not

LW_The Engine _CoverTake a journey with Peter the train as he tries over and over to cross the canyon into the City of Promise using his own strength and abilities. Peter meets new friends along the way who offer advice, and ultimately comes to understand that he cannot be strong enough or good enough to cross the bridge on his own. To purchase a copy click on link below.